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Program Committee

Marsha Florio

Executive Director, America East Academic Consortium​

Ruairi O'Mahony

Director, Office of Sustainability, UMass Lowell

Sam Grant

Director of Ticket Operations, University of Vermont

Valerie Moyer

America East Conference

Daniel Dixon

Sustainability Director and a Research Assistant Professor Climate Change Institute, University of Maine

Ruben Sança

Assistant Athletic Director for Administration, UMass Lowell

Nicole Kelly

Sustainability Coordinator, UMass Lowell

Jessica Salmon

Student Athlete - Women’s Swimming and Diving, Stony Brook

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Our Host Campus | UMass Lowell

UMass Lowell is committed to climate neutrality as an institution and is a leader in sustainable education, research and innovation. Sustainability is a core commitment in the University’s comprehensive strategy to manage growth and respond to societal needs. As a result, UMass Lowell has seen a dramatic transformation that has generated impressive results and woven sustainability into every aspect of campus life. Read more about the office of Sustainability!